Full range of services related to regional and export-import rail freight transportation

The company's services

  • Delivering freights in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and CIS countries

  • Transit rail freight transportation in Ukraine

  • Transporting metal products, iron ore, grains, coal, carbonite, sulphur, limestone and other commodities

  • Customized selection of the rolling stock based on the characteristics of the type of freight

  • Timely provision of information on wagon location (cargo agent services)

  • 24/7 dispatching control over the state of freight





Ukrmetallurgtrans Ltd. (Ukraine) is a licensed private company-operator. We have been managing owned and rented rolling stock since 1998. We serve customers in metallurgical, agricultural and construction industries. Our company is licensed by the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Ukraine.
Core staff of Ukrmetallurgtrans Ltd. has been working in Ukrainian mining industry for more than 40 years. We were the first in CIS to begin operating activities; in 2001 we have successfully completed the project for management of 4500 specialised pellet-carriers for transportation of iron and steel products.
Our fleet of rolling stock allows for a smooth delivery of services to our customers: we can transport many varieties of freights and offer wagon rental services. Our ample experience in operating activities guarantees timely delivery of high quality service.
We never stop improving the way we work: striving to optimize data processing, our specialists have developed the ‘Railway’ management system, which provides our customers with real-time information on the state and location of their wagons.
Our highly qualified team of professionals, personalized approach to every customer, use of the most up-to-date logistics systems and timely provision of information to our customers allow Ukrmetallurgtrans to remain at the forefront of the rail freight services industry.


  • Our qualified team of professionals ensures our customers receive unrivalled level of service
  • We have a long experience of working in the rail freight services industry
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We own and operate an extensive fleet of wagons
  • Our company takes an active part in development of industry infrastructure in Ukraine
  • We develop IT systems to automate activities of companies-operators and freight forwarders
  • Our partners include key cargo-generating companies of Ukrainian metallurgical industry


Associations and chambers

Companies – contractors

  • Donetsk Railways
  • Pridneprovsk Railways
  • Southern Railways
  • Odessa Railways
  • Azovobshemash Private Limited Company
  • Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works
  • Armada Ltd. Trading House
  • Vtorinvest T Ltd.
  • Donetskstal Iron and Steel Works
  • Evraztrans Ukraine Ltd.
  • Zaporizhnerudprom Ltd.
  • Interpipe Ukraine Ltd.
  • Cargill Ltd.
  • Kryvij Rih Iron Ore Works
  • Lemtrans Ltd.
  • Metinvest-Shipping Ltd.
  • Noble Resources Ukraine Ltd.
  • Spetsbudkonstruktsiya Ltd.
  • Takt Ltd.
  • Transportation Investment Company Ltd.
  • Tronsportation and forwarding company Trans Invest Ltd.
  • Ukrspetsizvest Ltd.
  • Ukrenergotrans Private Limited Company
  • Ukrtransservice Ltd.
  • Ukrainian Centre for transportation and logistics (state company)
  • Central Transportation Company Ltd.

State Railway Companies

Organization of transportation

Our company offers full range of services related to organization of rail freight transportation in Ukraine, CIS and Baltic countries, Hungary and Poland. We forward freights to the ports Latvia, Black and Azov seas.
We transport all types of fabricated metal products, iron ore raw materials, agglomerate, sulphur, coal, charred coal, cement products and grain: our specialists will find the most suitable type of rolling stock depending on the characteristics of the freight. Our customers can also opt for transportation of freight in their own and attracted rolling stock or rent wagons from us.
Our system of organization of loading and unloading operations and ensuring safety of the freight being transported guarantees delivery of freights to the final destination. Should the customer wish so, the freight can be insured.
We understand that the needs of our customers vary so we develop tailored routes offering the most optimum rail freight transportation solutions and guarantee professional filling in of the accompanying transportation documents.
We undertake transaction dealings with the railways, provisions of corresponding telegrams and orders-permissions to the station-consignor.
Once the application form has been filled in, you will receive an e-mail with the Contract including full calculations for the services required.

Transit in Ukraine

Our company has been organizing transit transportation of all types of freights in Ukraine for more than 10 years. One of our most popular services is wagon search in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
Our customers receive qualified support at all stages of the railway transit through Ukraine. Our specialists will declare any type of freight in professional and timely manner in accord with international regulations. Should any disputes arise our lawyers will be there to offer consultations regarding control of unloading operations at the ports. Our company takes full responsibility for return of the customer’s empty wagons.
Our method of transporting transit freights through Ukraine is devised so well, that it received only satisfactory reviews from our customers.

Cargo agent services

Our customers benefit from the information support of freight services that we offer: we provide up-to-date information on state and location of the freights. We take care to ensure that you receive accurate and relevant information in real time.

Upon filling in the Application for wagon search in Ukraine and CIS countries in the Application section, you will receive an e-mail with the Contract including full calculations for the services. Once the Contract has been signed, you will receive password and gain full access to our information database.

We provide our customers with the following information:


location of the wagons

You will be able to track your freight in Ukraine and CIS countries 24/7. In order to formulate the query, you should have the destination station, type of freight and code of the consignee at hand. You will then receive information about all wagons carrying this freight and heading to this destination as well as the information on the consignee. Date, station and operation conducted with the wagon of interest along with other information will be displayed. 


passport of the wagon and its operating life

Technical passport of the wagon contains information about the type and model of the wagon, its manufacturer and when it was manufactured, owner of the wagon etc. You will be able to see the general characteristics of the wagon: carrying capacity, size, body liner material, equipment etc. Technical condition of the wagons is paramount to quality and safety of rail freight transportation, making operating life of the wagon important criteria when selecting one.


speeding up transportation process

While unexpected situations are not uncommon in our business, we make sure to deliver your freight on time and to the destination stated. If, for example, the wagon has been detached due to some technical malfunction, we will be able to organize quality repairs at a short notice and thus ensure that your freight will be delivered on time.


consignor list of the train

Data contained in the consignor list of the train may be useful when seeking lost wagons and containers. In order to obtain consignor list of the train, you should list name of the railway and train index. You then will be provided with the full list of wagons in this train along with their numbers and operations information.


forecast of arrival to the destination station

This service will allow you to receive the forecasted time of arrival of the wagon of interest to the destination station. You will need to obtain the following data: dislocation station, date and destination station. Response to the query will contain the expected date of arrival of the wagon to the destination station.

‘Railway’ Automated Management System

Transportation companies, companies-operators and forwarders in the rail freight sector have to deal with processing large volumes of information within a short time frame.
In order to optimize this process, our specialists have developed ‘Railway’ Automated Management System.
The system is capable of:
- processing incoming regulatory information from the information centres of Ukrzaliznytsya (trains, routes, repairs etc.) and saving it;
- automating calculations of railway tariffs, wagon fleet indicators, payments for wagon use and other necessary computations;
- quick search of the requested data.
‘Railway’ allows our customers to receive information on movement of trains (regulatory information from the information centres of Ukrzaliznytsya), movement of separate wagons (data on wagons and operations conducted with those), daily unloading operations, planned loading operations times etc. The system generates various kinds of reports, which reflect latest operations on wagons, routes, wagons at the station and some other useful information.

Wagon search

Our unique service for searching and tracking wagons will allow you to access information on location, latest operations and routes of the train at any time convenient for you. You will be able to make sure that your freight is moving as planned and will be delivered at the time agreed. Wagon track and search service is available 24/7.
With us you will be able to track your freight in Ukraine, CIS, Baltic and European countries. Our company organizes transshipment and return of the wagons. We arrange tariff payments in transit countries, as well as in the   destination country of your freight.
Once the application form has been filled in, you will receive an e-mail with the Contract including full calculations for the services required.

Smartphone application

Our application for iOS and Android allows to search and track wagons in Ukraine, CIS and Baltic countries. You will receive information on the type and weight of freight and location of the station (available in Pro version).
Wagon Search application will save your time and substitute for the conventional procedure of locating your freight.
To download application for iOS or Android please press

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